Akhavan Farshtchi has a long tradition in the carpet business. The company was founded 1890 by Mohammad Ebrahim Akhavan Farshtchi in Teheran. As he was a manufacture, the company produced portrait carpets and courtly carpets for the rich and established personalities of nobility, magistrates and traders. In Persian culture these carpets have an old tradition and impart its viewer, that its owner will be a person of outermost reputation and respect. The company got fast a very good reputation, because the manufactured carpets had been in a very high quality standard, even still today as he did in the past.

Ahmad, sun of the founder, started 1950 to export carpets throughout Hamburg Freeport to Germany. The demand was good, as first class Persian carpets became a symbol of high status and a good financial investment. Because of that business spirit the company could increase its distribution area. The carpet has arrived in Hamburg and became beside Spices, Tea and Coffee an established dimension, not only in the Hanseatic city but also in Germany and after all in Europe. According to this success Akhavan Farshtchi GmbH in Hamburg was founded in 1990.

As deadlock means a kind of backspace the family founded another branch in New York to give consideration to increasing demand in the North American market. The family business runs now in third generation and is managed through Nooshin and her brother Mohammad Ebrahim Akhavan Farshtchi. Flat hierarchies flat hierarchies inside the company allowing a high degree of flexibility to covert new ideas.

Due to globalisation the carpet world as well is in alteration. Today, beside classical carpets, mostly modern design carpets are demanded. On this account created the brand "Contemporary-Rug-Collection" and offers design carpets for modern living. The high class Nepal carpets are traditional hand knotted and inspiring to new interior decorating ideas. Thereby different tastes in different furnishing ideas can be satisfied and will become part of complete interior decorating. The first graduation came during Domotex 2007 in Hannover. One design of the first collection had been awarded with the Carpet Design Award 2007.