Upon a word from us: Our business philosophie means “live and keep others alive”.

We feel obligated in the tradition and all involved humans which are engaged in the supply chain of a hand knotted rug. We do not compromise on inset of raw materials and the working conditions of our weavers. We would like, that all will enjoy our products for a long time. Because of that you will not find any cheap commercial rugs with us.

Today we produce the highly valued interior fitted rugs in old traditional Tibetan craftsmanship for present day furnishing. We combine these old things of value which will always be the basic foundation for a good and long life rug in your interior decoration, with today's colours and up to date designs in a modern rug. Our aim is to serve you bz bringing the best product into your interior.

Our available range of products considers the health and well being of our customers and the people involved in the production process. We have nothing to hide. You can count on our words.

Our rugs are styled by international designers and look about the colours and themes of the current interior decorations. You can choose the designer's carpet. You can also choose from the timeless classic alternatives. Simply ask an interior decorator you trust.