Tips for care of your hand knotted woollen carpet from Nepal

With your new design carpet, whose pile consists of 100% pure new wool, you selected a healthy and at the same time easy to clean carpet, adapted to your furnishing.

Natural fibres as pure virgin wool are breathing; they are storing humidity and dispense it again at dry room climate. Our carpets will be hand knotted and consequently individual items. Slight colour-design-and colour changes are a sign of authenticity of the carpet.

Following we let you know some practicable tips, which will make care of your rug easier for you.

Basic rules

1. For a long life the carpet needs an even and dry underground as basic condition. Simple vacuuming, please not with a rotating brush, in direction of pile is enough to remove any dirt from the surface.

2. The carpet must not be bonded punctiform, for example by extreme heavy furniture.

3. A bedding layer (slip resistant) which is available in the retail and fits to the underground impeded the slipping of the carpet. As well you will protect the back of your carpet by such a bedding layer against abrading for example on tiles with feather-edged splices.

4. To protect your carpet against a fractional encroachment, you should revolve your carpet in regular time frames. Avoid strong and direct sun insulation through glass, because it might occurs changes in colours. Do never place clay pots which are containing water directly on the carpet. Due to a leakage, which is protected against air, damage might occur.

5. Pure new wool is due to its natural grease contents very flexible by what the pile will be always straighten up again.

6. Protect this important attribute while you should affix under very thin legs of furniture an end plate.

7. Do not use a carpet shampoo for beat attendance; it might extract the natural grease of the ne wool.

8. All our carpets are not protected against carpet moths. It is not necessary because moths do not like any movement and light on the carpet. Only during a longer warehousing in the dark, we suggest to protect your carpet. Sprinkle it with lavender and role it with the pile inside to protect against carpet moths.

Removal of blotches

1. If a mishap effects your carpet, act immediately! Do not give chance to the pile to absorb the staining. Best virgin wool has natural grease content; alternatively hemp is characterized by high oil contents, which is soil resisting.

2. Suck the soiled area with an absorbing cloth (culinary-cloth), which you press on the carpet with a heavy weight. Never rubbing!

3. Please check in advance on a not viable point of the carpet, weather the pile will be colour-fast.

4. The purifier should be charged on a cotton cloth, which does not fuzz. Please work always from the outer border of the stain to the centre of it.


5. Blotches, caused by albuminous or aliphatic ingredients, you can remove with cold, max. hand-hot soap waters either detergent for wool.

6. Chewing gum could be removed, as you aging the chewing gum with an ice spray. Afterwards you break it up with a hammer, brush them out and just vacuum the rug.

7. Wax from candles must be curing; afterwards you remove it carefully by hand. Remaining splits can be removed with a blotter and an electric iron. Please work carefully and not with a high temperature, otherwise coloured wax would give furthermore stains and the fibres could be damaged.

8. Red wine must be sucked with an absorbing cloth. Afterwards dispersing salt on the stain helps to remove the red colour. Beer and soft drinks can be removed after sucking with soap water, pure alcohol or vinegar lotion.

9. As well all kind of sugar stains can be removed with hand-hot soap waters.

10. Ink can be removed with alcohol or acetone.

11. You can refresh the outlook o your carpet, while you drop it in winter with the pile on dry powder snow and beat the backside.

12. As a basic principle the carpet must not get fully wet. The direction of the pile can be re established with a brush. May the use a hairdryer with low temperature and on enough distance to the carpet is helpful.

13. Optionally a washing in a carpet washing by an expert can be considered in cases of strong stains.

14. As a basic principle we suggest in cases of impurities of silk a washing by an expert. Especially the professional drying is very important, the pile could be felting, and same professional washing is required for nettle or either hemp fibres.