Kids, which show laughter and happiness, tradition and believe all these, are attributes, which are keeping our society together - wherever in the world.

As supplier of high class carpets, we feel constrained a lot for the humans in the countries of origin. Because of that reason we support not only a fair trade but also we take care of an education for the kids of our weavers and we feel responsible for seeing that family life will be possible.

In addition we support approved projects in Nepal. We would like to take care in Nepal, as it is one of the poorest countries on earth, in order to make laughter and happiness of children possible. So that the humans will get a better view, the traditions can be continued and not only deep believe keeping grounded. If you want to conducive in that, please take care for fair trade products during your shopping. With such action you will deprive humans and child labour of exploitation.

If you want to do more, you are welcome to contact for example the German Nepalese Help Organisation e.V.. For this reason, you can make an important contribution to support important running projects or establishing new help projects.