In our manufactory in Nepal unique products are arising, which will have their origin as basic commodities of Tibetan tribes and farmers. Here the carpet will be hand knotted. Particularity of the knotting in Tibetan carpets is the knot around the rod. Using premium material the humans are knotting here the rugs for your interior.

Our collection is structured according to the density of the knotting. We are weaving in 60, 80, 100 or 150 knots per square inch. A hold down weaving with continues material input does not automatically mean a low quality. Rather throughout a different density and yarn thickness we will get different surfaces. To range from a coarse, rustic Nepal carpet, which will with its distinctive, natural character modern interior compete, as well as country style up to fine and delicate weaving. The 100 or 150 knot Neal carpet is necessary for very complicated and delicate design to get an elegant and timeless result for your interior.

As we are dying our raw materials, we are only using dyestuff of outstanding quality. We are working with modern chemical dyes, which are free of harmful substances, as well as with pure vegetable colours, which will be extracted from renewable vegetable raw materials. The outcome, throughout responsible people, which will accomplish each part of the supply chain in clearly defined quality standards, will be a unique design carpet for exclusive living.