Virgin wool

Basic condition for the practical value and aesthetics of good design carpets will be the used material of the pile. In combination of the weaving density, material usage in kg per square meter, we define the quality of a design rug. For settlement of claims according to your interior situation, we only use first class pure new wool of the Tibetan highlands. This material is characterized by extreme long fibres and high grease contents, whereby our carpets will get their unique outlook and become hard wearing. The raw wool will be carded by hand and afterwards spun into pile yarn. Only for pure white carpets we are using bleached New Zealand yarns.


The emphasis on design in our modern carpets is also achieved through the use of pure silk, imported from China. This kind of silk shows an extreme tear proof, but unlike wool it has no flexibility. From this point of view, the usage of silk as pile material is limited. A full silk pile, in comparison with the characteristic Tibetan weaving, would not be straightening up itself. The whole surface would look unattractive. However, silk, in combination with pure Tibetan yarns, will increase the value of the rug.


As pile material for carpets nettle has long been forgotten in Tibetan tradition, even though it was previously used for thousands of years in textures. It is a natural product of highest quality, ecologically safe, natural and distinctive in combination with our woolen carpets. For people who live in harmony with nature, nettle will set new standards.